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The award-winning, Athens-based Bar in front the bar has created an incredible drinks menu inspired by Crete’s herbs, spices, and traditions. A colourful fusion of tradition and modernity filtered through the lens of a young and very creative team of bartenders. The result is a kaleidoscope of tastes, all poured into your glass.

Elixir Lobby Bar

Treat yourself to the most majestic sunset; 360-degree views of pure, Aegean blue magic! Don’t stop at the awe inspiring views though. At the ultra relaxing Elixir Bar, you’ll also enjoy extraordinary cocktails with flavors, colors and textures inspired by the very beauty that surrounds you. The white foam capping the waves; the golden sands on the beach; the pink sunset skies; the mood of the moment... All play their part in the concoctions the bartenders will create for you, while the live music and entertainment will add the finishing touches of perfection to your extraordinary night out.

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Thea Bar

Let the sound of the waves, hitting the sand in front your very feet, soothe your soul. Explore an extended drink menu with something for every state of mind (and body): Thea bar has everything you might need for a night to remember. A perfectly executed freddo in the afternoon will bring out your inner Mediterranean, while a wide range of cocktails, from strong to fizzy and sweet to velvety, will calm your spirits.

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Ammos Bar

Tiki Bar

Summertime, and the living is easy – especially when you get to relax on a majestic, secluded beach like this. Dip your toes in the sand and let all your worries wash away. Order one of our famous ice mojitos or a cooling soft drink infused with freshly cut Cretan herbs and make this your everyday hangout spot. Caution: leaving the resort may become increasingly hard after this...

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